About Us

China Trekking specializes in "off the beaten track" travel planning. We provide experienced travel guides with a wealth of local knowledge, travel information and tips for outdoor enthusiasts to pursue their adventures throughout China.

We have created this website to provide you with a travel toolkit for China based on our years of travel and trekking experiences. With a sincere love of travel and adventure ourselves, we are delighted to share our experiences with you. It is our wish that the site can help you enjoy our passion for travel.

Our guides and travel planners are English speaking and have many years of international trekking adventures and extensive experience exploratinng in China, we have come to understand the essential needs of trekkers and adventure travellers.

We provide route recommendations customized to your budget, available time, sense of adventure, fitness and experience. Apart from general sight-seeing, we can also tailor travel plans for your special interests, such as history, unspoiled ethnic culture, religion, photography, etc. If your wish is to explore stunning mountains and rivers, pilgrimage routes breathtaking landscapes, pristine villages and people...we are certainly the right choice for you. Modern cities, night clubs or touristy shopping are out of our scope.

Through our own resources and contributions from fellow travellers, we endeavour to maintain our webpage with the most uptodate information. But your feedback is always welcome. Please share your information and experiences with us so that we may continue to enhance our offerings to all.

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Why choose us?
  • We develop "off the beaten track" routes based on our own backpacking experiences throughout China, which 99% of regular travel agencies in China are unable to offer

  • We do this out of our passion for trekking and adventurous travel. Sharing your interest helps us to understand your needs better

  • We have the experience to develop route recommendations for you based on your time schedule, preferences and our local knowledge

  • As a small independent organization with backpackers network throughout China, we have sufficient firsthand resource, high flexibility and efficiency in routes planning

  • English speaking guides with international and cross-cultural exposure enhances our communication with you

  • Sound knowledge of China's history, ethnic culture and religion provides important background information to enrich your China exploration

  • Experienced photographers, who can either guide you with an amazing photography tour or provide our photography service for you to capture the memory of your China adventure

  • Our extensive experience in China helps us to advise you about typical "tourist" traps

  • We do NOT waste your time and money on shopping tours, unless you insist.