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Gansu, also "Kansu", is a relatively barren province in the upper Yellow River valley of north-central China. Gansu has a population of roughly 24 million, including ethnic minorities of Kazak, Mongolian, Tibetan, Hui, Dongxiang, Tu and Manchu. As a region of highly mixed nationalities and personalities, Gansu was often absorbed in infighting, especially during some of the darker days of the Cultural Revolution.

While wild and remote, Gansu's location at the heart of the Silk Road has left a legacy of rich historical interest. The traders, traveling camel-hoof worn tracks, risked lives to bring into the country a more varied culture. 

With a long history and rich cultures, Gansu is abundantly endowed with cultural relics, which makes it one of China's best locations for travelers who are keen for ancient Chinese history and culture.   >> Gansu Travel Maps

Our Recommendation of Tour Destinations in Gansu:

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