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Guizhou, also "Kweichow", traditionally "Kien" or "Qian", is a mountainous province on the eastern part of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in southwestern China.  The widely dispersed karst topography creates picturesque scenery. The climate is mild and the rainfall adequate, but the soil is poor and there is little arable land. 

Guizhou is one of the provinces that contains the most minority groups, account for more than 37% of the total population. With more than 15 minority ethnic groups settled in, a dazzling array of ethnic cultures and customs is presented in Guizhou. Most of the amazing scenic areas are located in those settled minority areas. Numerous festivals throughout the year, strong but simple and unsophisticated customs, architectures with unique style and the exotic, colorful costumes, will bring you a totally fresh air.

The peculiar natural scenery, remarkable ethnic minority cultures and pleasant climate form a unique, aboriginal, unsophisticated and mysterious landscape which attracts visitors.  >> Guizhou Travel Maps

Our Recommendation of Tour Destinations in Guizhou:

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