What To Do

Things To Do On China Trekking:

1) Use our Routes and Destinations Guides as a reference to research trips and plan your vacations.

2) Browse the Tourism Info. of "China Facts" to get useful tips on travel in China.

3) Click the "add new comment" at the bottom of each article to offer your opinion/corretion/update to our content. But if you have any question on the topic, pls post it in the forum, so that we can see it earlier.

3) Post a travel-related question in the forum and get answers from real travelers and locals. 

4) Announce your China travel plan in the forum and get suggestions from other fellow travelers or locals.

5) Share your own travel experience and tips with our members, no matter good or bad.

6) Recommend good travel deals in China, such as cheap car rentals/ promotional airfares/ discounted hotel rates and package coupons/ outdoor gear purchase/ accomodations...Money saving offers will be highly appreciated by our members.

7) Create a new topic for discussion in the forums.

8) Provide your kind suggestion/advice on our website in the forum.