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Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, "Gui" for short, is a coastal region located in the southern part of China with an area of about 230,000 sqkm, bordering on Vietnam. Nanning is the capital city. Topography of Guangxi is basin-like and the limestone distribution occupies half of the total area. Unique topography forms gorgeous natural sights.

Guangxi has a diverse mix of ethnic minorities, with the Zhuang people of over 14 million making up a significant proportion of the population. Over 90% of Zhuang in China live in Guangxi, especially in the central and western parts. There is also a significant number of both Dong and Miao minority peoples. Other ethnic groups include: Yao, Hui, Yi (Lolo), Shui, and Gin (Vietnamese).

Characterized by marvelous seaside scenery and full-bodied ethnical cultures, Guangxi is blessed with colorful resources and is an imposing region for sightseeing. The major tourist attraction of Guangxi is the picturesque Karst scenery along the Li River down from Guilin to Yangshuo. Ethnic minorities such as the Zhuang and Dong, are also interesting. Longsheng and Sanjiang are known for their Dong and Zhuang minority villages.  >> Guangxi Travel Maps

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