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Sichuan China

Situated in the heartland of Southwest China, Sichuan is claimed to be the "Land of Abundance", hosting brilliant ancient civilization, picturesque landscapes, full-bodied ethnic minorities customs and cultures.

Sichuan possesses the most diversified terrain of China,  including basins, plateaus, alps, hilly lands, canyons, plains, rivers, glaciers, hot springs, grasslands, alpine lakes and waterfalls etc.

It's also home to a very diversified population. The ethnic minorities of Tibetan, Qiang and Yi inhabiting here brews extraordinary charm to the land.

Besides, spicy and tingling cuisine, hot and beautiful women are additional attractions of Sichuan.

There is a very popular Chinese saying "Don't step in Sichuan at one's youth", which means once you visit Sichuan, you'll never want to leave.  >> Sichuan Travel Maps

Our Recommendation of Tour Destinations in Sichuan:

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