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Xinjiang ChinaXinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, "Xin" for short, is the most northwestern region and the largest province in China, covering an area of 1.66 million sqkm, one sixth of Chinese territory. With a population of over 19 million, Xinjiang is home to 47 ethnic groups including the Uygur, the major ethnic group in Xinjiang.

Situated in the hinterland of Eurasian continent, Xinjiang borders eight countries. The geographic position makes it strategically important in the country. Historically, Xinjiang was the throat of the well-known Silk Road, while now it is an unavoidable part of the railway leading to the second Eurasia Continental Bridge.

Xinjiang is one of the most exciting parts of China, an extraordinary terrain, more than 3000km from any coast, which despite all the historical upheavals since the collapse of the Silk Road trade, still comprises the same old oasis settlements strung out along the ancient routes, many still producing the silk and cotton for which they were famed in Rom times.

Visitors are attracted by its wild and unique landscapes and particular combination of ethnic cultures. There are snow-capped mountains erecting on very hot land,  deserts neighboring to oases. Over 1000 kinds of wild animals and plants live in Xinjiang, including many unique grasses, trees and animals.  >> Xinjiang Travel Maps

Our Recommendation of Tour Destinations in Xinjiang:

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